4x Double Ended Rat Trap

4x Double Ended Rat Trap

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When you have a rat problem in your home, you need a trap that works fast and perfectly! With all directions covered, this Double Ended Rat Trap attracts rats to come in from both sides. Simply place bait in the center of the unit and rats won’t be able to resist entrance. Recommended bait for attracting rats includes peanut butter, dog pellets, and chocolate.

As soon as the unwelcome rodent reaches the bait, both doors shut automatically and rapidly – with the rat stuck inside this tough metal cage. The Double Ended Rat Trap is designed with no possible escape route.

Dimensions: L: 41cm x W: 12.5cm x H: 10cm

You will receive 4 x Double Ended Rat Traps.


Package Content:

1 x 4x Double Ended Rat Trap

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