Deluxe Rabbit Cage Hutch with Under-Run

Deluxe Rabbit Cage Hutch with Under-Run

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With Fir wood construction, this spacious pet cage has a built-in run which allows your lovely little pet grazing and running on the field. Two levels are linked with a robust and foldable ramp access. The foldable ramp allows you to keep your baby in either floor and for easy cleaning. When your pet feels tired, it can climb up the ramp and take a rest in its own bedroom.

The bedroom is separated from its playing area and is fully enclosed by the fir wood, which provides a warm, safe, trustful and fully relaxed environment for your baby. This ventilative hutch gives you 2 accessible doors, one is timber door and the other is fence door which are both on first floor. Each door comes with a strong and firm security lock. The built-in run can be opened from the top as well for higher accessibility to your pet.

In order to observe the living habits and activities of your little baby, this sturdy hutch has a unique hinged lid. The green Asphalt roof provides a rain and sun heat protection. It is a perfect house for your Rabbit, Guinea Pig or Ferret.


High quality Fir Wood Construction with mesh wire

Spacious, comfortable and safe for small animals

Green Asphalt roof for rain and sun heating Protection

2 living areas, include sleeping area and integrated ground enclosure

Fully enclosed sleeping area, which make your pet feel warm, relax and safety

Green Asphalt Roof for easy cleaning

Roof of the run can be lifted up

2 Access Doors on first floor

Graphic assembly guide, easy to build with screw driver only

Built-in and foldable ramp connected between floors with stair lock contoured edges

Unique Hinged lid allow you to catch your pet in a simple and safety way

Strong and Firm Security lock

Overall Size: 93cm x96cm x 100cm


1 x Deluxe Rabbit Cage Hutch with Under-Run

1 x User Manual

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